Zardari buys loyalties from amount of flood affectees: Musarat



Asif Zardari has focused his attention to buy the loyalties of PTI members with the amount of Sindh flood affectees. The people of Sindh will ask from Zardari as why did he spend their money to buy PTI members. She queried from the Election Commission as when will an action be proceeded against the son of Yousaf Raza Gillani as his videos are available. She denounced that unfortunately flour is available in the market at double the price and with the price-hike of gas and electricity the industry is shutting down in the country. Today Pakistan is facing a record unemployment rate owing to the closure of local industry.

Spokesperson to CM and Punjab government Musarat Jamshed Cheema expressed these views while talking with the media representatives accompanied by senior PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry at Zaman Park. She stated that presently Pakistan is having the government of inept, inefficient, thief, corrupt and of foreign agents. The people of Pakistan are ready to take revenge from the imported government. She stated that the polling stations were locked on the Election Day in Islamabad adding that the Federal government is aware of the public decision and that is why they are escaping to hold elections. Musarat Jamshed Cheema in her message on the twitter stated that the incumbent rulers have made a mockery of law in the country. She stated that despite the ruling of Islamabad High Court with regard to holding local government elections, the staff of Election Commission is not available. Those propagating democracy proved to be the biggest dictator. The trust of masses will wither away by flouting the court’s ruling in such a manner. The imported government ruined the system of law and justice adding that the imported government amended the rules in order to save and conceal their corruption. Pakistan is the only country of the world where instead of altering conduct rules are amended. Ministries are offered in the imported government instead of awarding punishment on doing corruption. Musarat Cheema remarked that the people of Pakistan fully know those who fled abroad after making the country bankrupt. Fleeing is written in the destiny of thieves, at times from the country, from the cases and from elections.