Zaidi mulls to gain advantage of Blue Economy


Staff Reporter


Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Syed Ali Haider Zaidi chaired the 4th meeting on Blue Economy held in Islamabad on Friday in pursuance of the Prime Minister’s directions to gain maximum advantage of the Blue Economy resources in a sustainable fashion.
The meeting was a continuation of the consultative process that has been taking place since Ali Hiader Zaidi took the oath for consolidating the various functions of Maritime Affairs currently falling under different ministries and divisions.
The process will also result in giving recommendations addressing the gaps in Rules of Business. The final recommendations will be presented to the cabinet for approval.
In a bid to turn Pakistan into a Maritime Nation, Federal Minister reiterated the significance of a consolidated approach regarding all the functions scattered within the other ministries so that the Ministry of Maritime Affairs should be able to work with full potential. This turn can earn substantial forex for the country.