Youtuber arrested for humiliating women for prank videos in Gujranwala


GUJRANWALA – Police have arrested a prankster for harassing women for a prank video which was later uploaded on his YouTube channel.

City Police Officer Gujranwala has confirmed the detention of the man, who runs a channel named ‘Vele Loog’ and used to share offensive videos.

Recently, he made a video with title ‘Dopatta loo Prank part 2’ in which he can be seen stopping random women asking them to cover their heads with dopatta.

The clip was widely shared on social media platforms with people demanding action against the YouTuber for his weird behavior towards women.

It also showed him yelling at the women for not accepting his dictation.

The CPO said that the man named Khan Ali has been booked, adding that safety of public dignity is top priority of the police.

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