Youth’s mysterious death in Badin takes new twist

Staff Report

The rotten body of a youth found at a tail end of Kamaro canal, the seven kilometers away from Badin within the limits of Badin police station was identified as a social activist late Ayaz Ahmed Soomro, 36 a month ago in district Badin.

The mysterious death of youth has taken the new twist as the widow of late Ayaz Ahmed Soomro, Ms. Shabana, 28 after a month long, sudden approached the Badin police for inquiry of the death of her husband, as she shown the distrust and scruples over the mysterious the death of her husband, late Ayaz Ahmed Soomro which was told as sole suicide case.

She along with her father and other relatives reached at modern police station on Tuesday here at Badin and divulged the facts of the death of her husband, late Ayaz Ahmed Soomro and shown her distrust and skepticism over the mysterious death of her husband which was earlier was communicated her as suicide attempt.

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