Young man from Kasur abducted under marriage scam


A young man from Kasur has been abducted from Rahim Yar Khan under a marriage scam, police have registered a case and started an investigation.

A 32-year-old man named Afzal was abducted from Rahim yar Khan, he had reportedly been called there under a marriage scam. Afzaal’s brother has registered an abduction case at Ganda Singh Wala police station.

According to the FIR, Afzaal was lured by dacoits, who used a female voice and called him to Rahim yar Khan for a marriage. Afzaal was abducted from Rahim yar Khan when he reached to meet the alleged woman to marry her, the FIR said. The dacoits have demanded millions of rupees to release Afzaal, they have also sent videos of them torturing Afzaal, his brothers claimed.

On May 29, A Pakistani youth Abuzar Afzal – a resident of Punjab’s Multan city- had allegedly been abducted by terrorists in Nigeria.

In a video message, the Pakistani man said that he was among 62 persons who had been kidnapped on March 28.

The father of the abducted man said that his son completed PhD in Microbiology and he was performing duties as the general manager at a foreign company.