Young generation an asset of country: Bacha

Akhunzada Fazle Haq

President of Jamaat-e-Islami Youth Mardan District and former Tehsil Member Kaleem Bacha has said that the young generation is a precious and real asset of our country which needs time to be engaged in welfare and development and positive activities of the nation.

In the field of inflation, the records of all previous governments have been broken.

Unemployment, lawlessness and inflation are on the rise in the country, while the rulers of the caretaker government are intoxicated with their luxuries and stand up to eradicate the poor instead of poverty.

All the gangs around are corrupt who have taken shelter under the umbrella of Imran Khan.

Whenever Jamaat-e-Islami comes to power, the commands of Qur’an and Sunnah will give all the basic facilities of life to everyone in the country.

Ka Par Mardan Press Club hosted a dinner in honor of the journalists. General Secretary of Jamaat-e-Islami Youth District Mardan Jamal and other colleagues were also present on the occasion.

They are tired of doing it and every member of the society is unemployed Problems cause mental anguish.

And that is why every day Dhaka, murders, suicides and all kinds of incidents are happening but the government and its entire team are turning a blind eye to the problems of the people and focusing on solutions.

He said that the young generation is a very valuable and real asset of our country and in future the youth will take over the running of this country and play their role in the development and prosperity of the nation.

The youth have got higher education and degree as well as skills but the present government has not given any relief to the youth in every sphere of life and every youth is looking for a job holding his degree in his hand.

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