Yasir inaugurats 26th Edition of Master Molty Foam



60 participants from all cities of Pakistan, 3 million people engaged through marketing and 41000 visitors in 3 days.

That’s how last chapter of Furniture and Living Expo ended in Islamabad one and half year ago. This summarize the impact of biggest furniture and interior design industry Special Edition.

After long wait of more than a year, this mega event has been organized by RF Events at the start of this year with the name of Furniture and Living Expo and sponsored by Master Molty Foam.

The event has started today and will end on Sunday evening 10PM at Majestic Marquee Club Road Islamabad.

This event aims to bring furniture manufacturers and buyers at a single platform for mass exposure.

Sardar Yasir Ilyas presided the ribbon cutting ceremony and engaged himself actively with the business entrepreneurs of furniture industry.

There was lot to explore New designs, innovative interiors, minimal decor, traditional colors and luxury lifestyle products.

At the end of his visit, sardsr yasir expressed his amazement over range of products and wuality.

He also highlighted importance of such steps towards betterment of economy. He stressed that local manufacturers should lead the way as they are relatively less affected by the current wave of inflation. The event organized by RF Events has enabled manufacturers and buyers from all over the Islamabad to meet and conduct business negotiations in a safe environment without any risks of traveling.