Xi calls for greater global coop for scientific, industrial advances


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Global manufacturers, gathering in Anhui for a world manufacturing convention, showcased their determination to embrace a new era of manufacturing by promising to invest 735.1 billion Yuan ($105 billion) in 638 projects in the province.
These include a 220 billion Yuan investment to set up Changxin IC Industrial Base in Hefei, and a 10 billion Yuan input to boost Lenovo Group’s smart products at its subsidiary of LCFC (Hefei) Electronics, Anhui Executive Vice Governor Deng Xiangyang said on Tuesday. Reinforcing the importance of the manufacturing sector, participants at the WMC 2019 exhibited their cutting-edge technologies and high-tech advances, showing that manufacturing can shine bright in the industrial landscape, he said.
During the four-day event, over 4,500 participants from 78 countries and regions also toured a themed high-tech exhibition in Hefei, the provincial capital, where delegates from more than 800 enterprises from home and abroad showcased some 2,000 cutting-edge products.
Shown in 10 exhibition areas, the products covered such spheres as world manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, digital economy, commodity trading and autonomous vehicles, drawing some 350,000 visitors.
President Xi Jinping in a congratulatory letter to the WMC 2019, stressed the importance of the manufacturing sector and calling for greater global cooperation to jointly seize the opportunities arising from China’s new round of scientific and industrial advances. Also last week, during his three-day inspection tour in Zhengzhou, Central China’s Henan province, Xi reiterated the importance of developing the real economy by bolstering manufacturing to enhance high-quality economic growth.
According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the added value of China’s manufacturing industry surpassed that of the United States for the first time in 2010, becoming the world’s largest manufacturing nation. President Xi has stressed many times that the manufacturing sector is the base of a nation’s development and innovation-driven development is the core of manufacturing development.

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