WSSCM finalizes Eid sanitation operation plan

Akhunzada Fazle Haq

Water and Sanitation Services Company Mardan (WSSCM) has finalized three-day Eid ul Adha sanitation operation plan for 39Neighborhod councils of Mardan. On the first day of Eid-ul-Adha, the cleanliness operation will be started from 12:00 pm and will be continued till the entire city is cleaned of waste and animal remains.

He said that a comprehensive Eid ul Adha Plan has been prepared according to which Mardan city has been divided into four zones and collection points have been set up at New Ada, Par Hoti, Shamsi Road and Kaskorona Road to collect the remains of the slaughtered animals and will be picked through large vehicles from those collection points.

He said that high-tech modern machinery would be used in the cleanliness operation and animal remains would be shifted to a safe place for safe disposal. He further added that 600 employees will be deployed and 72 different types of sanitation vehicle will take part in the Eid operations.

The Chief Executive Officer, Engineer Amir Khan, cancelled the holidays of all the staff, and stated that no negligence would be tolerated on the occasion of Eid as well as strict action will be taken against any official found absent.

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