WSSCA introduces measures to provide better municipal services


Water and Sanitation Services Company (WSSCA), Abbottabad on Sunday introduced several measures to improve its municipal services and provide better facilities to the citizens.

In order to ensure the attendance of the field staff and office workers, WSSCA Abbottabad introduced a biometric system which brought positive results and improved attendance in all offices. Installation of Close Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras at all water tanks is another measure that was introduced by WSSCA Abbottabad and has ensured the performance of wall man, pump operators and the security of the tanks. WSSCA technical team also installed a tracking system in all vehicles of the organization, which not only will enable the department to monitor the movement of the vehicles but also empower the administration to maintain fuel records.

While the last step which was taken to improve the complaint system of WSSCA to provide better municipal services to the citizens.—APP