Worst air quality chokes city once again


Once again, poor air quality in Lahore has landed it in the top spot for the most atmospherically polluted cities in the world.

Air Quality Index scored Punjab’s provincial capital a dismal 301, which is termed ‘hazardous’ and dangerous for human health. It is worth noting that ‘Hazardous’ is the worst value on the index.

Lahore is currently 50.2 times past the World Health Organization (WHO) annual air quality particulate matter value which calls for urgent attention of the authorities.

On the same index, Karachi ranks seventh worst in terms of air quality. A score of 141 puts the city on the list of ‘unhealthy for sensitive groups’.

Ways to improve air quality in your city, Use public transportation or share rides, Plant more trees around the city, Adopt green energy solutions such as solar power, encourage urban farming and asks the government to ban vehicles producing excessive smoke.


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