World’s largest cricket jersey was made within nine days

Bipin Dani

The world’s largest cricket jersey (66 m x 42 m), which got Guinness record recognition in the IPL final in Ahmedabad on Sunday, was prepared within nine days by Mumbai’s Flag Company.

The idea was conceptualised by the IPL owners. “Well something like this needs all hands on deck. There wasn’t any one person at the flag company who wasn’t involved and didn’t contribute to this project. A 55 member team worked on this massive opportunity”, Dalvir Singh Nagio, the company CEO, speaking exclusively, said.

“After all a project like this required : immaculate planning, in time procurement, accurate designing and rendering, printing and stitching precision, smooth logistics and hard working assembly line”.

The time frame given was 15 days but the company could finish the product within 9 days. “Printing (logos of all ten teams) and parts and piecing it together required a lot of trials and errors and massive effort. The semi finished printed fabric was shipped to the location for assembly and the piece was stitched and brought together to shape and live at the venue.It was overwhelming and exciting all at once !”, Nagi added.

“It was a moment of pride and gave us goosebumps when the record was announced and exhibited and the entire nation applauded the effort. We felt ONE with the nation at that moment like a surreal dream”, he signed off.