World must take notice of Muslims’ genocide in India: Sarwar


European MPs support Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir

Amraiz Khan


European Parliament’s Vice President Fabio Massimo Castaldo has announced full support to Pakistan’s standpoint on aggression against Kashmiris and controversial Indian law. He expressed these views during a meeting with Governor Punjab Ch Muhammad Sarwar here at Governor House on Friday.
Paying glowing tribute to Pakistan Army, people and other security forces for their sacrifices in the war against terrorism, he also assured his full support to Pakistan for extension in GSP-Plus status. European Parliament member Wajid Khan and Pak-Europe Friendship Federation Chairman Chaudhry Pervez Iqbal were also present on the occasion. Regional situation, Kashmir issue, India’s war hysteria, extension in GSP-Plus status for Pakistan and other matters were discussed in the meeting.
Addressing a joint press conference after the meeting, Governor Punjab said that meeting with European Parliament’s Vice President Mr. Fabio Massimo was very successful, adding, ‘It is a matter of pride for me and Pakistan as I have held meetings with 36 members of European Parliament during my visit to Europe a few days ago and talked to them on Kashmir issue, India’s war hysteria and GSP-Plus status. And on my invitation, European Parliament’s Vice President Fabio Massimo has come to Pakistan.’ He mentioned that In Sha Allah, European Parliament will soon invite Prime Minister Imran Khan to address the European Parliament. ‘It is also a matter of great happiness for me that European Parliament’s Vice President is also acknowledging the anti-terrorism war, establishment of peace and Kashmiris’ stance which is a bigger success of Pakistan on diplomatic front,’ he added.
Controversial Citizenship Act in India is undoubtedly illegal and inhumane. Narendra Modi and Indian terrorist organization, RSS, are two sides of the same coin and RSS March in India has proved that Narendra Modi is planning genocide of Muslims through RSS, however, I believe that one day the sun of justice will rise in the world and Indian tyrannies against Kashmiris and the Muslim will come to an end. The international powers must take notice of Indian atrocities instead of becoming silence spectators. He said, I am playing a very active role regarding extension in GSP-Plus status and other issues in Europe and other countries. Today, Foreign Ministry, Pakistani embassies abroad and relevant ministries of Pakistan are on the same page due to which we all are succeeding. What the relations I have with politicians and rulers of the world, I use them only and only for the nation and the country. Pakistan has sacrificed 70,000 lives in the war against terrorism and establishment of peace, for which I pay glowing tribute to Pakistan Army, people and government of Pakistan. New Citizenship Act in India is also against the human rights and I hope that India will review this bill as all the citizens have equal basic human rights, he said, citing that Germany and France had fought for centuries but today they are best friends, and I think, India should also resolve the issues through dialogue with Pakistan.
Member European Parliament Wajid Khan said that first of all, I pay tribute to Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar, who had very actively pleaded for Pakistanis’ case for getting GSP-Plus status in 2013 and till today, he has been working wholeheartedly for Pakistan. I have also invited him to visit Europe again so that we all together foil the Indian lobby against Pakistan, and work to strengthen Pakistan economically. While, Pak-Europe Friendship Federation Chairman Chaudhry Pervez Iqbal said, it is a fact that Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar is working very actively for Pakistan in Europe, and In Sha Allah, the credit of extension in GSP-Plus status to Pakistan will also go more to Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar.