World acknowledges govt steps to tackle Corona: SACM



Says daily release a fake story aims at staying alive in political arena

Amraiz Khan

Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan on Tuesday said that the hue and cry of the PML-N leadership and its cronies is like the pot calling the kettle black.

“Bondmaids daily release a fake story for staying alive in the political arena but the masses know the facts very well.”

Dr Firdous said that before talking about the issue of price-hike, the PML-N should tell the people that corrupt PML-N leadership has drenched the country deep in a debt trap and the people are facing the consequences of illogical decisions made by the Sharif family.

She regretted the bondmaids’ only job is to spread lies and after the culmination of the holy month of Ramadan, this gang has resumed its unholy duty of spreading lies in the society for political maneuvering.

The Special Assistant emphasized that the immaculate personality of PM Imran Khan is unique in the political history of the country and the world has also acknowledged the leadership of PM Imran Khan.

The country is becoming self-reliant and the economy is flourishing despite the difficult circumstances when global economies are squeezing due to the corona pandemic, she said.

The government is duty-bound to recover every penny from the looters to provide relief to the masses and the PML-N henchmen should remember that their hue and cry will not help.

Dr Firdous said the government will provide relief and the PML-N leadership will provide details of their loot.

It is sanguine that the international community has also acknowledged the statesmanship of PM Imran Khan for recovering the economy and providing state assistance to the impecunious strata.

The PML-N cronies should better read reports of the international bodies about the Pakistan government’s performance but it seems that the PML-N cannot bear any praise of the good work done by the PTI government as its only job is to hoodwink the people through deceit and lies, she said.

The SACM said that due to the mismanagement of the past government, the country is facing a price hike today and people will never forgive the past looters for their misdeeds. The price hike is decreasing gradually and work is being done rapidly on CPEC.

The critics will continue to speak lies while the PTI government will continue rapid development on CPEC and other projects of importance, she said.

The Special Assistant asked the PML-N leadership to justify huge loans borrowed in its tenure and explain how it had stolen sugar while taking huge subsidy.

Ironically, the CM gave subsidy to his mills. Only a true and patriotic leader like Imran Khan could change the destiny of the people while a corrupt escaped to the UK after stealing the national resources, she said.

Despite the PML-N economic mismanagement, the PTI government has moved the economy in the right direction.

The trade and economic activities are flourishing and Ehsas programme is helping the needy to promote the concept of Rayasat e Madina.

The bondmaids will continue to falsify the situation while the government will continue working for the betterment of the country, the SACM concluded.

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