Work underway to enhance working of model bazaars


The Secretary of Industries, Commerce, Investment and Skills Development Department (ICI&SDD) Punjab said sufficient work had been done to enhance working of model bazaars in terms of supply chain mechanism, product range enhancement and quality improvement.

In a special session with officials of ICI&SDD, Sohail Ashraf said since model bazaars are under the Punjab Model Bazaar Management Company (PMBMC) and keeping in view the company’s mandate, all consumer goods in these markets are available at reduced prices.

The secretary said in this regard, rate lists of all fruit, vegetables and food items are also prepared on a daily basis. He maintained the work is also being done to increase the product range in the model bazaars.

“To increase the scope of these markets, it is necessary to have stalls of well-known brands and food items and their rates are lower than the market rates.

In this regard, the officials concerned of PMBMC are also in touch with the people of the market. He said ample opportunities are being provided to lower, and middle-class entrepreneurs to do business in a dignified manner in the model bazaars.