Work on Malpur forest fencing resumes


Staff Reporter

Work on fencing of Malpur forest land has been resumed after a break of one week. The project for fencing of Malpur Forest land was started by the CDA to protect it from encroachments and adverse possessions.
Due to blockage in traffic movements, work on the project remain halted for one week, however, work has now been resumed on Tuesday.
Under this project, 7.75 kilometer area of the Malpur Forest would be fenced, out of which fencing of 5.75 km area has been completed while work in the remaining area is in progress which would be also completed shortly. Islamabad Capital Administration is collaborating with the authority and resistance faced from the locals is being dealt amicably.
For the safeguard and protection of forest land, concrete and street pilar are being used for fixation of steel fence.

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