Work on Burma Bridge at Lehtrar Road carried out at fast pace


Staff Reporter

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) said on Saturday that construction of Burma Bridge at Lehtrarr Road is being carried out at fast pace. In line with instructions of authorities effective monitoring is being carried out to ensure quality and timely completion of the project.
In this connection, after completing test load pilling, data was forwarded to consultant for final designs of piles of the bridge.
Designs would likely to be received shortly, after that embedment and pile lowering work will be carried out. Furthermore, casting of 10 girders has also been completed while work on piers columns has been taken up while nullah protection work is also being taken up simultaneously. Efforts are being made to complete the project within in given time frame.
Construction of Burma Bridge remained stuck for several years, due to which people of the locality and the commuters using Lehtrar Road were facing difficulties as traffic jams in the vicinity was regular feature. Incumbent management of the authority, cognizing the importance and public utility of the project, removed all hurdles, allocated funds and commenced work on the bridge in the end of September this year.
Effective monitoring is being ensured to continue pace and best quality work. The project would be completed by the end of March, 2020.