Won’t let govt steal KP’s share of NFC Award, rights: Bilawal


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PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Monday said the federal government was trying to “steal” the National Finance Commission (NFC) award’s share and the constitutional rights of the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) but the opposition alliance will not allow that to happen. Addressing the latest rally of the Pakistan Democratic Movement in KP’s Malakand district, Bilawal said the government did not know how to run the country and that every resident of Malakand was demanding ‘Go selected go!’. “They are trying to steal your right. They want to steal the Constitution but as long as the people of Malakand are standing with us, we will not allow them to do so,” he told the crowd.
Bilawal said the PPP had introduced the 18th Amendment to get provinces recognition and their rights. “Nobody can dare to steal your right. We will not let them steal your NFC Award and constitutional right,” he said, referring to Islamabad.
The PPP leader claimed that the Centre had withheld Rs160 billion which was due to be paid to KP last year. “This was KP’s money, not Islamabad’s. Imagine how many youths we could have gotten livelihood with that money but this puppet government wants to steal that from you. They do not know how to serve [the country],” he said.
Referring to the PTI-led government, he said the ones who promised tabdeeli (change) lied to the public. “The people of Malakand have been tolerating this inefficient, illegitimate government for the past seven years. […] Whatever they promised turned out to be lies and betrayals,” he said, adding that the PPP had fulfilled whatever promises it made to the people of Malakand.
Bilawal said the PPP had announced the end of the Frontier Crimes
Bilawal said Prime Minister Imran Khan’s team is “incompetent and corrupt”.

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