Women’s market in Kabul creates opportunities



Several female entrepreneurs formed a women’s market to ramp up business and encourage women to shop.

The women entrepreneurs called on the Islamic Emirate to support them.

“I call on the Islamic Emirate and the international community to support the female entrepreneurs, particularly women in the private sector,” said Nafisa, a female entrepreneur.

The market is the first to be dedicated only to women customers and vendors in Kabul.

The female entrepreneurs hoped that such markets would benefit their business.

“This market is the first to be inaugurated. We have had some exhibitions this have a positive motivation for women,” Danish Sadid, a female entrepreneur.

Fariba is a high school student who is now working in this market as the schools for female students beyond grade six have remained closed.

“We have opened a shop here and are busy working to stand up on our own two feet and to have an income,” said Sayeda Ghazniwal, an entrepreneur.

Meanwhile, the Afghanistan Women’s Network (AWN) urged the Islamic Emirate to provide facilities for women entrepreneurs.

“We call on the Islamic Emirate to facilitate markets for the female entrepreneurs in the country because this is a need,” said Mohammad Anwar Sedeqqi, head of the AWN.

This comes as earlier, some women entrepreneurs in the western province of Herat has reopened a similar market dedicated for women.


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