Women’s chamber of commerce and industry reopens in Heart


After months of delay, the Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry resumed its activities in the western province of Herat.

Officials at the chamber said they will attempt to provide facilities for women’s activities.

“Since the chamber is now reopened and it has resumed activities, other women are encouraged. The women who suspended their business activities, they will resume them again,” said Bahnaz Saljoqi, a member of the chamber.

According to the Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the activities of women traders has increased.

A female entrepreneur in Herat called on the government and international organizations to provide support as they have suffered severe economic challenges.

“Every woman you see here is the breadwinner for her family,” said Aqila Rahimi, a female entrepreneur.

Local officials in Herat said that they have provided all types of facilities for women entrepreneurs.

“We are announcing any type of possible assistance including visas and the exporting of products,” said Mohammad Zubair Deen Parwar, head of the provincial department of Commerce and Industry.

There are a total of 130 members in the Women’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Herat. Based on available figures, dozens of women entrepreneurs left Afghanistan following the recent political changes in the country.

According to the department of Commerce and Industry, more than 1,500 women are engaged in business in Herat.

The gathering was held to celebrate the international week dedicated to women.

The participants took to the street of the capital city, urging the Islamic Emirate to establish a commission to address the current challenges against women in the country. “We call on the Islamic Emirate to support us and let us go to work,” said Zarifa Yaqobi, a member of the MoCAP.

“When the commission is established—it can help us by being an address to solve our problems, thus we can reach our goals,” said Sweeta, a member of MoCAP. The protestors also issued a resolution through which they expressed their concerns about arbitrary detentions by the Islamic Emirate.

“The Afghan women are restricted today. Without permission of the Islamic Emirate, the Afghan women are not allowed to go to universities and work,” said Sara Karimi, a member of MoCAP.

The Islamic Emirate said it was committed to women’s rights.

“The Islamic Emirate is committed to ensure the rights of all elements (of the society). Whether they are children, women or anyone else.

Many humanitarian and women’s rights watchdogs have expressed concern over the situation of Afghan women, saying they have faced severe challenges since the fall of the former government.

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