Women’s absence at clerics’ gathering criticized



Several female religious clerics in Kabul criticized the absence of women at the “Gathering of Islamic Clerics” and stated that there are no prohibitions on women attending such gatherings in Islamic law.

“There is no restrictions in Islam about the participation and presence of women at a gathering. Women should have been present in the gathering today alongside the men,” said Hafiza Amin, an expert in Islamic law.

“The attendance at consultative gatherings is not specified for men and women, and such things are not included in Islam because in the Islamic format, political and social inclusion is the joint task of men and women,” said Nazila Hassanzada, an Islamic education analyst.

Meanwhile, some other women said that without the presence of women, such gatherings will not be effective.

“Any gathering without the presence of women has its own shortcomings. With respect to religious clerics and their knowledge, Afghan women also have experience and knowledge in all areas of life,” said Soraya Piakan, political analyst.

In the meantime, a group of women in a secret place held a protest about what they called the non-participation of women at the gathering. According to them, the Islamic Emirate has removed women from such gatherings.

“Representation in terms of Sharia law and international norms has its own mechanisms, and no group can be a representative of any individual,” said Monesa Mubarez, women’s rights activist.

“Holding such gatherings will not have a positive effect on the fate of the Afghan people, because only those who share the same beliefs and thoughts with the Taliban have been invited to this gathering,” said Zakia Zakhadat, a member of the main powerful women’s movement.

Recognition of the Islamic Emirate by the international community is conditional upon upholding human rights and the role of women in society.

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