Women to keep up good work, Malaysian Envoy



The Cater, Event Planner, Baker Organisation (CEBO) is taking steps to grow the industry to entrepreneurs.

CEBO has always been there to support small scale entrepreneurs and again, to hype their members, a wing of CEBO Management Company, HUNARMAND, is announcing another challenging yet so fascinating competition.

Malaysian Consul General Khairul Nazran Abd Rahman, was the Chief Guest while Chef Gulzar, Chef Naheed, Chef Abbas, Chef Junaid, and others also present on the Occasion.


They have not only shared their experiences, but they have also inspired all women to keep up the good work. They have inspired them to accomplish more and reach for the stars.They have surely contributed to the success of this event. This was the Karachi’s biggest competition organized by Chef Samia Jamil and CEBO TEAM. It had taken place at a hotel.

This competition was for everyone who are into the field of Catering, Baking, Crafting and Event Planning.

CEBO has conducted this competition into two categories; Physical and Online (through our Facebook group). At Hunarmand, CEBO work on skills development and polish the skills of entrepreneurs.

This competition had also let them showcase and polish the skills they have inside them. Hunarmand focuses on making every individual very confident and skillful that’s why we are arranging this competition to enhance and increase the confidence and talent of our group members.

CEBO Management Company has recently conducted a award ceremony, CEBO Culinary and Hospitality Awards.

The main categories were Event Planner, Cater and Baker. There are multiple sub categories under the umbrella of these fields. Talented and creative entrepreneurs are the winner from the night.

The whole event was planned by team CEBO. The event CEBO Culinary and Hospitality Awards has been organized by CEBO and has distributed certificated which were affiliated by CAP.

We had a long list of folks that not only attended our event, but also helped to make it even better. Our main guest had even taken to the stage to tell us about their experiences.


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