Women, girls face ‘Alarming rollback on their rights’: UN’s Griffiths


Martin Griffiths, UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, while talking to CGTN TV said that the situation of women and girls in Afghanistan is regressing.

“Women and girls are facing alarming rollback on their rights,” said Martin Griffiths.

“Girls’ schools have been closed to female students for a year. One of the presidents of India has said that “Even if I die, don’t close girls’ schools because a generation will miss one day of education,” said Shabana, a student.

“I ask them to reopen schools, it is our right and we have to get our rights,” said Parwana, another student.

“Open the schools. Since the opening of the schools is neither a religious nor a cultural issue, I think the current administration closed the schools to females as a result of political negotiations with foreigners,” said Muhsina Sabor, a schoolteacher.

Previously, Amnesty International has said that women and girls have been stripped of their rights and face a bleak future.

“Arbitrary detentions, torture, disappearances, summary executions have returned as the order of the day. Women and girls have been stripped of their rights and face a bleak future, deprived of education or the possibility of taking part in public life,” said Yamini Mishra, Amnesty International’s South Asia Regional Director.

“There is no doubt that they have faced a lot of pressure, and the government needs to review these instances to determine what is best for the Afghan people. It is good that there is peace and that women may go to school,” said university lecturer Tariq Farhadi.

“The doors of the schools have been closed for a year, while officials and international organizations worsen the situation, and none of them take any concrete effort to get out of this situation,” said Ai Noor Uzbek, a women’s rights activist.

Secondary schools have been closed for nearly a year. Officials of the Islamic Emirate have always said that the reopening of girls’ schools depends on the decision of the leader of the Islamic Emirate.

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