Woman SHO arrests robbers after ‘phone friendship’


A woman station house officer (SHO) in Karachi has arrested an alleged robber and his accomplice after tricking one of them into friendship via phone. A female SHO at Tipu Sultan police station of Karachi, Sharafat Khan, found the contact number of one of the alleged criminals who had looted a citizen’s house 15 days ago. After tracing the contact number, SHO Sharafat Khan exhibited the presence-of-mind by calling the alleged robber to become a friend of him in order to arrest the criminal. The police officer showed a willingness to meet him after having some friendly conversation with him and they decided to meet face-to-face at a locality. The police officer went to the area after changing her appearance for not being noticed. Later, Sharafat Khan along with a police team managed to arrest the alleged criminal after he arrived at the planned location. Police officials told media that they have recovered jewellery, cash and mobile phone from the possession of the arrested robber. Moreover, his accomplice was also nabbed after being spotted by him.