Woman loses life in ‘crossfire’ between son, son-in-law


A 74-year-old woman succumbed to fatal injuries in the exchange of fire between son and son-in-law in Karachi’s KausarNiazi Colony over a property dispute, it was learnt on Friday. The negotiations for resolving a property dispute turned into an armed clash between two parties here as at least five people were injured including two women and children. Police officials said that an injured man was arrested from the crime scene along with a pistol. He said that the arrested man was identified as Shehzad, who is a son of the deceased woman. The 74-year-old woman is identified as Seema, who succumbed to fatal wounds in the local hospital, whereas, Shehzad was arrested alive and currently receiving medical treatment, added police. The police officials detailed that Shehzad was wounded by gunfire came from the opposite side, however, an investigation is underway to ascertain the facts. Family of the deceased woman told media that a property dispute emerged between her son and daughter for a long time which turned into a gun battle. They said that Shehzad is a government employee and possess arms. They added that Seema has come to the scene to stop both sides from engaging into a fight over the property, however, she lost her life in exchange of fire.

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