Woman kidnaps newborn from Lahore’s General Hospital


An unidentified woman has abducted a newborn baby from the nursery of Lahore General Hospital and fled away easily.

According to details, the woman reportedly tricked the baby’s mother and abducted the newborn, and fled away.

In the CCTV footage, the woman can be seen taking the newborn baby from the mother and fleeing away.

Meanwhile, Medical Superintendent (MS) General Hospital Dr Khalid told journalists that the newborn baby was abducted due to parents’ negligence.

Dr Khalid claimed that the newborn baby was handed over to the family immediately after birth. “An unidentified woman told the baby’s mother to prepare milk and she would take care of the newborn,” he added.

The Medical Superintendent added that the unidentified woman carried the newborn baby for some time and then escaped from the hospital, blaming the parents for handing over the baby to an unidentified woman.