Woman dies of Covid in city


The death of a woman due to corona in Lahore has given a wake-up call to health authorities and people to take precautionary measures to avoid the expected new wave of the virus.

According to reports, a woman named Waheeda died of Corona in a private hospital of the Defense Housing Authority.

The elderly woman was brought to the hospital with respiratory distress, symptoms related to Corona. Later the patient was confirmed to have the Corona virus. According to the Health Department, during the last 24 hours in Lahore, around 25 new patients have tested positive for the corona virus, 14 of them are being treated in isolation wards in different public and private hospitals.

Health authorities have issued an alert to all public and private healthcare institutions to strictly follow the guidelines while caring for patients.

The health department has advised the public to take precautionary measures in markets, offices, educational institutions and other places of work, especially when using public transport.