Woes of the nation | By Insaf Ali Bangwar


Woes of the nation 

IT is irrefutable that for the past several decades the nation is facing numerous social dilemmas, people are compelled to eat the waste food thrown in the streets across the country.

Why all the grievances are coming into the wallet of the underprivileged and economically destitute ones? If there is a law, for whom it is? And how long the nation would pay the penalise of corrupt political elements of the country?

While the states got their dominion along with Pakistan are living a salubrious life with access to all the necessities is needed for survival.

Plus, are ahead in every aspect like they are as compared to almost western countries, with political stability, flourishing economically, robust militarily and so on.

This is owing to strict implementation of law and order, keeping all equal before the law, penalisation to every crime, political stability, meritocracy and even there is a law for not talking in an abusive way. We have also a law but of name.

Honour killing, tribal butchery, feudalism, and so forth have been eating the unsophisticated lives since the inception of the country.

The gruesome murder of Makhdoom and tortured murder of Momeena as well as the recent brutally killing of Nazim Jokhio are the crystalline testimony. The nation is not having its rights and in a sense, it is a human rights violation.

All illegal is being owed to lazy practises of law and order corrupt environment which results in deterioration of the country’s image and suffering, trials and tribulation of the nation.

The life of women is even worse following the country’s current state but in lower regions, because there is no concept of women education and people are controlled by the feudal lords.

After all the trials and tribulations, the nation is yet not awakened, owing to nearly no education and unknown of their rights given by the state through the Constitution of 1973.

The pandemic of Covid-19 aggravated the injuries as it left the nation in the lurch as they are helpless even to afford the dining table commodities, resulting in the nation in a dire hunger.

The greatest paradox of Pakistan’s politics is that the “appealing and carefully crafted rhetorically slogans” propounded by political agendas on the eve of elections always proved counter-productive.

Neither the nation got a penny of privileges from the political agendas from the roti, kapra aur makan (breed, cloth and shelter) to that of Naya Pakistan (new Pakistan) but agonies.

Some of the social dilemmas, the country suffering from, skyrocketing inflation, price hikes and even surging prices of commodities, child labour, child begging, educational crisis, the enormous deficit of tutors, primitive curriculum, shabby and sky-opened places of education, improper amenities, shortage of sitting benches and so forth, keeping all the flaws in view, the entire state is in a malaise condition.

It needs to be mended dimensionally as soon as possible. But from where the development and advancement will come? Even the annual budget is going but into the wallet of corrupt political elements almost wholly.

From where the enlightenment comes and the nation will take a breath of sigh and will enjoy the joy of age of renaissance? Much of the money must be invested in education and youth in order to pull the poverty up and to eliminate other social evils to live like other salubrious societies on the globe.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Kandhkot, Sindh.


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