Home Islamabad With 14,000 cases & 155 deaths, Islamabad far from being ‘coronavirus-free city’

With 14,000 cases & 155 deaths, Islamabad far from being ‘coronavirus-free city’

With 14,000 cases & 155 deaths, Islamabad far from being ‘coronavirus-free city’

Zubair Qureshi

Despite the best possible efforts of the capital administration and the district health department to check and contain coronavirus, hospitals in Islamabad are receiving COVID-19 patients daily.
On Tuesday, alone, the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) received 83 patients but admitted only four of them.
According to the Joint Executive Director (JED) of the hospital Dr Minhajul Siraj, though suspected patients arrived daily basis but they were sent back as most of them were not infected with the virus.
“We have 227 beds allocated exclusively for coronavirus patients but out of them only 115 were occupied,” said Dr Minhajul Siraj.
The federal capital on Tuesday reported 14,202 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 155 deaths—94 new cases and two deaths in twenty-four hours—sending a clear message to the health and district administration officials the virus was far from over in the federal capital.
According to a senior official of the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) there are still five areas in the capital considered hotspots for the coronavirus, even though the number of new cases reported every day had stayed below 100 for a few days.
They included G-6, G-7, G-8, I-8 and I-10 and their sub-sectors were previously sealed.
We unsealed I-8/3, I-8/4, I-10/1 and I-10/2 on July 1 after a two-week lockdown, and G-6/1, G-6/2 and G-7/2 on July 8 after completion of 14-day lockdown.
There were 96 cases reported on July 12 and 85 on July 13 and 94 on July 14. There have been fewer than 100 new cases reported daily since July 6, the officials said.
According to the data shared by the health/district administration, Islamabad’s Sector G-8 currently has the highest number of confirmed Covid-19 cases with 201, followed by 199 in Lohi Bher, 144 in I-8, 128 each in G-7 and G-9, 117 in G-6, 108 in Bhara Kahu, 102 in Tarlai, 91 in I-10, 77 in G-10, 74 in G-11, 68 in Rawat, 67 in Khanna, 56 in F-11, 53 in Sohan, 50 in E-11, 49 each in Chak Shahzad, F-6 and F-8, 44 in I-9, 36 each in F-7 and Koral, 35 in Alipur, 33 in G-13, 29 in F-10, 25 in G-5, 23 in G-15, 18 in E-9, 17 in F-5, 15 each in B-17 and Tarnol, 14 each in Kuri and Model Town, 13 in F-17, 12 each in H-13 and Jhangi Syedan, 11 each in G-14 and Sihala, and 10 each in Chirrah, Kirpa and Rawal Town.


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