Wind of change starts blowing in Sindh


Special Assistant to Prime Minister Arbab Rahim said that he was looking for changes in Sindh as the performance of Sindh was zero.

He was talking to the media at the residence of PTI leader Inayat Ali Rind here Sunday. Dr Arbab Rahim said that in Sindh, anxiety was erupting among PPP members of the Sindh Assembly and everything was possible in politics.

He said that the center had issued Health Cards in provinces but it seemed that the Sindh government was not interested in Health Cards issued by the center. He said that hurdles were in the way for the center due to the 18th Amendment.

Regarding no confidence motion, Arbab Ghulam Rahim said that it would require two third majority while PTI has no majority in Sindh Assembly.

Arbab Rahim said that Sindh Chief Minister did not took notice of attack on him and no action was initiated against those involved in the attack.—APP

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