Wildlife painting exhibition today


An exhibition of paintings featuring wildlife and gems of nature by artists Ahsan Qureshi and Kamran Qureshi will open here today (Friday)at Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA).

The three-day show aims to generate collective actions to conserve nature where the existence of humans is dependent on wellbeing of all other living things. Both the artists are brothers who spent their lives chasing wild game set in pristine wilderness that taught them to appreciate the flawless design and harmony of all creation, said the organizers.

“We have used many a canvas to express ourselves, sometimes by portraying the nature, sometimes by being part of it. We are self-taught weekend artists. Both of us share a passion for conservation of nature. Our artwork aim to showcase gems of nature in their natural habitats and at their best. We hope to inspire people around us so that we take collective actions to restore the balance of nature before it is too late,” said Kamran Qureshi while talking to APP.

“It is painful to see that many of our wild places are vanishing rapidly. Clear waters are becoming murkier, rubbish is finding its way to the remotest and cleanest places, forests are being cut and the air is becoming dirtier to breathe.

Plants and animals are fighting for survival. We fear that this is becoming our legacy. Will there by anything left for our children to have a healthy life?,” he said adding that now is the time that we need to focus on things we need to undo that includes piles of damaging waste, poisoned air and water, loss of forests, wild places and poaching and overhunting.

The show is a message to joining hands in making this world a healthy place to live by being gentle and thoughtful about the environment and the small steps in this regard include discouraging wildlife trafficking, producing less waste and dispose-off waste properly, conserve fuel and power, stop using single use plastics, ensure litter free wild places, raise voice against pollution of natural water bodies, conserve water, stop using disposable items, discourage poaching and overhunting, and stop cutting and damaging natural forests.

The paintings done with the medium of oil on canvas include “The Rarities”, “Misty Flight”, “Frozen World”, “Mallard Family”, “Bright Morning”, “By the Frozen Stream”, “Early Spring”, “Common Pochard Drakes” and many others.

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