Wildlife Deptt initiates inquiry into retaliatory killing of big cat by mob in Abbottabad


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The Wildlife Department of Khyber Pakhtunkwa has initiated inquiry into retaliatory killing of common leopard by a mob in Abbotabad district on Sunday.
Locals of Sherwan area village Pawa Sayal in Abbotabad district on Sunday killed an attacking leopard to rescue a villager.
Malik Riaz, who came under attack by leopard sustained injuries on his right arm, leg, abdomen and is admitted in District headquarter hospital for treatment. “The Wildlife department has took into possession the carcasses of leopard and sent for postmortem to find out how the animal was killed,” informed District Wildlife Officer (DFO) Abbotabad, Idress Ahmad.
Talking to media, Idress said if the reason behind killing of animal was retaliation to attack, the Wildlife department would forward the case for payment of compensation to the victim.
The department would also check that either the man entered the animal habitat or the big cat ventured into populated area and attack the person came in front of it.
Idress told APP that this was the first time a leopard is reported in Sherwan area of Abbotabad. In response to a question about a video going viral after the incident showing brutal killing of a leopard by a mob and releasing of dogs on the animal, Idress said this was an old video and the incident reported in Gilgit Baltistan.
He said Wildlife Department would also search to ascertain cause of death either by shooting or by hitting with clubs. About the compensation policy of Khaber Pakhtunkhwa government for leopard attack victims, Idress informed that Provincial Disaster Management Authority pays an amount of Rs. 100,000 for injured of a leopard victim.
While in case of death due to attack by wild animal, the department would pay an amount of Rs. 300,000 to heir of the victims. In case if the person came into attack was found to be entering into habitat of leopard ensuing in attack by animal, he would be fined in accordance with the law, Idress added.

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