WHO map rejects Modi’s claim on Jammu and Kashmir



The World Health Organization (WHO) has shown Jammu and Kashmir including Ladakh as a separate entity from India, rejecting Narendra Modi-led Indian government’s claims on the territory.
The WHO in a colour-coded world map posted on its official website depicts India in blue colou, while Jammu and Kashmir including Ladakh is marked with gray colour.
India’s English newspaper ‘Times of India’ while commenting on the map confirmed that Jammu and Kashmir along with Ladakh has been shown in gray, while India is seen in a different blue color. Aksai Chin is also shown in gray color, with blue stripes on it.
The newspaper, quoting an India-based IT consultant Pankaj, who lives in London, said, he was surprised to see Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh with another colour.
“China can get behind all this, because it gives thick funding to the WHO,” the newspaper tried to downplay the impact while ignoring the UN-acknowledged disputed status of Jammu and Kashmir.—KMS

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