Who is Khadija Shah?


LAHORE – A woman named Khadija Shah lately made headlines as she comes under police radar and is touted to be the alleged mastermind of the attack on Jinnah House – the residence of the Lahore Corps Commander which was torched by PTI arsonists following the arrest of PTI chairman Imran Khan.

Khadija Shah, a name known for fashion and activism, appeared in Twitter trending section as cops raided her residence in Lahore but she escaped from the back door however police officers detained her father, husband, and some domestic help for interrogation.

The recent police action and Khadija’s clarification come as Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Chief of Army Staff General Syed Asim Munir said that all those behind May 9 attacks would be brought to justice.

Khadija Shah says she is surrendering to cops in the new viral audio clip

Amid the stern crackdown, Shah mentioned surrendering before the officials over the allegations which she refused. She shared her narrative in an audio clip, as she decided to surrender. In the audio recording, the socialite can be heard mentioning her decision to surrender for the serious charges being leveled against her.

She narrated her ordeal, calling police raids and ham-handedness against her family and friends intolerable. Khadija, the granddaughter of former Army Chief Asif Janjua, said police detained her father, a diabetic patient, and brother who according to her are behind bars.

Responding to allegations, she refused to be called as a mastermind of vicious attacks, as she called her Pakistani who believes in democracy and the Constitution. She mentioned requesting PTI charged members not to damage state assets but lamented furor as the building was ransacked and torched.

Profle: Khadija Shah

Many people, especially the showbiz fraternity, know Khadija Shah very well who is a fashion designer by profession. The alleged mastermind of May 9 attacks is the granddaughter of late Chief of Army Staff Gen (retd) Asif Nawaz Janjua and the daughter of former Finance advisor Dr Salman Shah.

Shah co-founded the fashion brand Elan, a top-tier brand, while she also owns other brands like Zaha which offers fashion products for women in reasonable prices.

Shah is known for her designs as she made her reputation by steadily expanding her label. For her contributions in the fashion world, the socialite and successful entrepreneur bagged several awards for top attires.

Shah made her name as she continued work over the year to revolutionize fashion in Pakistan with her aesthetic insight.