Where & to whom with parents will live | By Faisal Ansar


Where & to whom with parents will live 

HUMAN life cycle consists of three segments i.e. childish period, time of youngness and old age. The weakest time of human being comes when someone reaches such an age when it becomes hard to them and become old enough to do their household work by themselves and the best period comes when someone is young. It is a universal truth that parents cherish their children with utmost care and affection right from their birth to the age when they become young enough to do their household work by themselves even after that period until they are alive.

One of the most pathetic and heart wrenching issues which persists and is thriving in our society is that when children get married, they separate from parents and start living their life with their families as their priorities change after marriage. When all children gets marred, it becomes a question mark that where and to whom with parents would live as normally offspring shows unwillingness to keep parents with themselves which pragmatically pains a lot and depicts a bleak picture of our society that parents who spends their whole life and sacrifice everything to cherish their children and tries to fulfill their never ending wishes in their limited income becomes reluctant to keep them with themselves.

Consequently, parents start feeling loneliness in their own home and become a stranger as their offspring do not give time to sit with them and discuss their issues of old age or experience of their life. How selfish today’s offspring has become that they remain connected with parents until a ray of hope of benefit connected with them and once it is over, they part their ways and terming it that they have a very busy life and have to give time to their families which becomes more important to them and parents become their secondary choice. It is rightly said that no one is ever busy, it is all about priorities and in fact, once parents become old enough, they do not remain children’s priority which is pathetic. When offspring are children, they fight over and claim that parents are theirs but once they become young and get marry, they behave otherwise.

Pragmatically speaking, today’s children are infusing their kids to replicate the same behaviour what they have adopted with their parents as this world is a place of retaliation, what you sow, so shall you reap. Why such bad behaviour with parents is observed in the society which needs immediate attention and ponder to address this issue but the question is how to ?. Children need to comprehend the status of parents given by Islam that when they reach such an age when you start feeling their talks unpleasant, even then children are instructed not to say a word against them and remain quiet rather listen it patiently. Every Muslim’s wish is to enter paradise for which performing good deeds in this world are mandatory while paradise has been kept beneath the feet of the mother whereas the door of paradise is father which should enough to understand the status of parents in Islam.

On the contrary, those kids who treat their parents well as they deserve witness success in every walk of life and those who misbehave with parents and do not treat them well, face destruction in this world and hereinafter which is observed in the present world also. So, for the sake of wellness and prosperity, start doing good with parents as their prayers would take you to the sky and else, though parents do not curse, but destruction would await you in this world and hereinafter. There should be room in the heart and every child should rather fight over that parents would live with him instead, fighting over, that parents would live with some other child.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Karachi.

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