Wheat procurement 85% bardana distributed 100 percent to operate in lockdown: Aleem Khan

Staff Reporter

Government procurement drive of wheat in Punjab has crossed 85 percent limit while farmers have received more than 100 percent of “bardana”. Moreover activities of purchase of wheat at these centers is in full swing.

In addition to that wheat procurement centers across Punjab will continue to operate during the period of lockdown and there will be only two holidays on Eid and the day after.

According to the data so far received, wheat procurement has reached to 86.9% while 104% has been distributed among farmers. It is worth mentioning that Director Food and consult officers are staying in different districts and fields to inspect wheat procurement drive and facilities being provided to farmers on the spot.

Expressing satisfaction over the wheat procurement drive in the province, Senior Minister for Food Punjab Abdul Aleem Khan said that the official procurement target for wheat for Punjab this year was set at 3.5 million metric tons and this time crop grew up faster than previous years.

He said that reports are being received from all over the province on daily basis and In Sha Allah it is expected that 100% target will be achieved very soon.

Senior & Food Minister Punjab Abdul Aleem Khan further said that according to the directives of Prime Minister Imran Khan, for the first time, the farmers of Punjab are being given wheat price at the official rate of of Rs. 1800 per maund.

He mentioned that Food Department and consult agencies are also keeping a close watch on the smuggling or storage of wheat in Punjab. Abdul Aleem Khan further said that instructions have also been issued to the Food Department to keep the wheat procured safe and In Sha Allah it is expected that according to the crop will be no shortage of wheat or “atta” in Punjab.

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