What happened on that Raiders’ delay of game in OT?



Jon Gruden

American football coach If you lost your fantasy matchup by fewer than three points and your kicker is Daniel Carlson, we have quite the story for you. In overtime, the Las Vegas Raiders recovered a Lamar Jackson fumble.

They were already on the fringe of field-goal range and after a wild, wacky game that included an end-zone interception after the Raiders thought they had the game won, Jon Gruden just wanted to end it. It was only second down but Gruden sent on the field-goal team to try and win the game.

The problem: Carlson was not around. He wasn’t expecting to kick it on second down. The Raiders had to take a delay of game penalty.

“Our kicker was warming up in the net,” Gruden said in his media conference afterward, giving the smirks and smiles only Gruden can.

“No one could find him.” They can laugh about it now. Gruden sent the offense back on the field after Carlson was MIA and the Raiders lost 5 yards on a penalty. Derek Carr hit Zay Jones on a game-winning touchdown pass on the next play.—Agencies

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