WFP faces shortage of funds for Afghan aid operation



The World Food Organization in Afghanistan said it is facing a shortage of funds to continue humanitarian operations in Afghanistan.

A spokesman for the WFP said that the organization needs more than $900 million for the next six months of operations in Afghanistan. WFP’s spokesman in Afghanistan, Waheedullah Amani, said that the organization has helped nearly 19 million Afghans since the start of 2022. The aid includes foodstuffs and cash. “$172 million is urgently needed to provide 150,000 metric tons of foodstuffs before winter in remote areas, in the areas where roads are being blocked by the first snow of the year,” Amani said.

Meanwhile, residents of the capital city of Kabul complained about the lack of transparency in aid organizations.

“They took my name and ID card in every round of aid, but the community leader provided it to his relatives. I haven’t received even one grain of rice,” said Sikandar, a resident of Kabul. “The poor people are destroyed. There is no aid to reach the poor,” said Ahmashah, a resident of Kabul. Some economists believe that the aid has not had a positive impact on the life of the citizens.

“Lacking a better assessment of the situation and the recognition of truly needy people, as well as lacking monitoring for transparency, and the high administrative and logistics expenses of the aid organizations, means that the aid will not be effective,” said Shakir Yaqobi, an economist.

Earlier, US special envoy to Afghanistan Thomas West told an Uzbek TV channel that the US has provided nearly $1 billion in humanitarian aid to Afghanistan over the last one year. —Tolo News


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