Welfare organisation to set up toilets at public places


Staff Reporter The Salman Sufi Foundation (SSF), which has undertaken to train 10,000 women across the province in driving motorcycles, has now announced its another project to help women in the public places by introducing portable toilets for them. The SSF is soon going to establish a pilot portable toilet project, ‘Saaf Bath’, from Karachi, said SSF founder Salman Sufi to the media. “The core of our foundation is women empowerment through practical changes on the ground. When we are trying to get the employment or [making efforts for their] mobility, we are also making sure when they come out, we provide them facilities like bathrooms and other basic necessities.” For this purpose, he shared that the foundation had sent a letter to Karachi Commissioner Iftikhar Shallwani for his approval to install public toilets in four areas of the city – Tariq Road, Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Lucky Star and Sea View. He said once the permission was granted, the SSF would carry out a survey in these areas and identify locations based on footfalls. “Our requirement is sanitation provision and electric connections at the locations,” he added. 20-foot containers would be installed at the four locations, each of which would have five toilets, two for men and three for women with separate entrances. They also plan to include a toilet for people with disabilities as well. The foundation plans to deploy trained sanitation technicians who would work in two shifts under a supervisor. “We also have a manual for the cleanliness of the toilets with us,” Sufi said, adding that they would also ensure continuous supply of hand sanitizers and water at the toilets.

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