WEF praises Pakistan


WORLD Economic Forum (WEF) has commended Pakistan for taking concrete steps for smooth development process.

According to its report, the country has shown leadership in initiating programs for poverty alleviation, universal health delivery services, environmental protection, improving human capital and curbing corruption.

There is no denying that the present government inherited a difficult economic situation.

As a result of some painful decisions, the economy now finally appears to be heading in the right direction with all indicators showing upward trajectory.

Exports and remittances are on the rise whilst there has also been record revenue collection during the first six months of current fiscal year.

Several programs launched under Ehsaas Program have started reaching the downtrodden segments of the society.

Especially, the government’s decision to provide health insurance to all households is a game changer project as the people now will be able to get free of cost medical treatment even at private hospitals.

Because of these initiatives, the government is getting recognition from world institutions including the WEF.

Having said so, issues such as current account deficit continue to haunt us.

This issue can only be addressed by significantly enhancing exports which can be done only through diversification and especially focusing on the IT sector which has a great potential to earn foreign exchange reserves.

We have before us the example of India which is earning billions of dollars from IT exports.

Our youth has the potential of excelling in this field. Government must focus on higher education and the skills development to exploit that potential.

Whilst Prime Minister Imran Khan is recently being seen applauding the companies enhancing the salaries of their employees, those of public sector departments are also looking towards the government to raise theirs to cope with the current inflationary trend.

As the economic situation today is much better, the government must come to the rescue of the employees which are most affected by the price hike of essential commodities.

Their salaries should be enhanced immediately without waiting for the next budget, ensuring also that the decision in this regard is also implemented in letter and in spirit.


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