Weekly inflation goes up by 0.20PC

Observer Report

The prices of 10 food items went down during the week ending on October 14, as compared to the previous week, the Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI), Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) said Friday.

According to the data, the food commodities that witnessed decrease in prices on Week-on-Week basis (WoW) included Sugar (6.28%), Eggs (3.80%), Pulse Moong (3.03%), Onions (1.61%), Chicken (1.47%), Pulse Gram (0.94%), Bananas (0.93%), Wheat Flour Bag (0.91%), Pulse Masoor (0.58%) and Pulse Mash (0.56%).

On Year-on-Year (YoY) basis, the commodities that witnessed decrease in prices during the week included Tomatoes (50.11%), Pulse Moong (32.01%), Onions (31.17%), Potatoes (22.30%) and Pulse Mash (1.73%).

On the other hand, the items that witnessed increase in prices on WoW basis included Tomatoes (19.21%), Mustard Oil (3.12%), Tea Prepared (2.12%), LPG (2.07%), Washing Soap (1.98%), Cooked Daal (lentils) (1.55%), Tea Lipton (1.48%) and Cooked Beef (1.32%).

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