We won elections in Nowshehra, Wazirabad , Daska: Maryam

Staff Reporter

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz has said that PML-N has won in all the three constituencies of Nowshera, Wazirabad and Daska. In the elections, the workers supported the statement of PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif and struggled for the honor of the vote.

Talking to media in Model Town, the PML-N vice-president said that the people of Daska, Wazirabad and Nowshera had woken up and kept watch over the votes, and at the same time they caught the vote thieves. The workers went out and cast their votes in an atmosphere of rigging. The PML-N workers persevered in an atmosphere of fear and panic. No doubt all three seats belonged to the N-League.

Maryam Nawaz said that she congratulated Ikhtiar Wali on winning the election in Nowshera. It was known during the election campaign that we will win the election, Nawaz Sharif’s statement has won there.

They could not even think of defeat in Nowshera. He said that National Assembly member Rana Sanaullah was kept in a state of panic. The senior PML-N leader told me what would have happened if I had been arrested.

I pay tribute to the voters, MLAs and PML-N ۔ Two people were killed in the firing of government officials, and the blame is being laid on Rana Sanaullah. Maryam Nawaz said that she is very sorry for the loss of two lives, I pray for their forgiveness, Daska election Pakistan PML-N has won, in survey PML(N) was also leading the results.

The PML-N vice-president said that the victory of PML-N in Punjab is worse than death for the government. Our victory makes them lose their senses. Government officials did not know that they would lose so badly.

The people of PTI opened fire and spread panic among the people. The PTI candidate was shot dead by his nephews and nieces. Yesterday was a historic fraud, which I want to expose. She said that people were fed up with his incompetence.

In Wazirabad, a presiding officer was running away with a voting bag, we won there with a lead of five to six thousand. Polling was stopped where the lion was winning. He had received orders from inside to slow down the polling.

What were their ministers and advisers doing inside the polling station? When they failed, polling in Daska, Wazirabad slowed down. Reacting to the press release of the Election Commission, she said that it was a pleasant surprise to take the stand of the Election Commission. Happily, the ECP has exercised its constitutional right.

Has anyone ever heard that the entire staff of the Election Commission was taken away? 20 to 22 presiding officers disappeared. The Election Commission is also saying that there is a suspicion of fraud, re-election at 23 polling stations.


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