Taliban vows peace; says will respect women rights within Islamic law


KABUL – Taliban vowed on Tuesday that they would not allow anyone to use Afghan soil for terrorism against anyone.

Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, who is appearing in media for the first time,  said “after 20 years of struggle we have emancipated [the country] and ousted foreigners”.

This is the first press conference since Taliban took control of Afghanistan after toppling President Ashraf Ghani’s government.

He termed the expulsion of foreign forces a proud moment for the whole nation, adding that Afghanistan would no longer be a battlefield of conflict.

The spokesperson said that the Taliban have pardoned all those who fought against them in the past.

“We don’t want any external or internal enemies,” spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid added.

“Restoring peace in the country is our top priority,” he said, adding that an acceptable political leadership would be announced soon.

Security of Embassies, Aid Agencies

“The security of embassies in Kabul is of crucial importance to us. We would like to assure all foreign countries that our forces are there to ensure the security of all embassies, missions, international organizations, and aid agencies,” he said.

He said that the Taliban has forgiven all national and foreign troops, who fought against them.

Women Rights

Mujahid said that the rights of women will be ensured in the country in line with the Islamic teachings. He said that women can also play an active role in society but within the framework of Islam.

“We will respect the religious beliefs of all Afghans,” he said.

Have Good Relations with Neighbours

Zabihullah Mujahid said that the Taliban have good relations with China, Pakistan and Russian, adding that they are not part of any bloc.

“Afghanistan is our top priority,” he said, adding that they did not want in conflict in the country again.

Narcotics-Free Afghanistan

The Taliban spokesperson vowed that the cultivation of opium will be curbed in the country in order to make it a narcotics free state. He recalled that the cultivation of opium was zero percent in 2001 when the group was in the power.

Working on Forming Inclusive Islamic Government

He said that working is underway to form an acceptable inclusive government, adding that it will be announced after it is completed.

“After the government is formed we would decide what laws will be introduced in the country,” Zabihullah Mujahid says.

Private Media is Free to Work

The Taliban spokesman reiterated that private media will continue under their rule. He said that all private channels will be allowed to work, but within native cultural frameworks.

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