‘We are with you at every forum’ President assures Kashmiris

Staff reporter

President Dr Arif Alvi on Wednesday assured people of occupied Kashmir that Pakistan stood with them, adding that “we are with you at every forum and fighting your case everywhere.”

He made the comments at a rally in Islamabad to mark the Kashmir Black Day against the occupation of the valley by Indian forces since Oct 27, 1947.

He was accompanied by Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan and National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser.

“We want to tell them (Kashmiris) that Pakistan is yours. Pakistan wants to call the attention of the international community towards the oppression and barbarism that is continuing in Kashmir,” President Alvi said.

There was “no democracy” in Kashmir as opposed to what the Indian government claimed, he said, adding that what was happening with Kashmiri people was also reflected in what was happening with minorities elsewhere in India and especially Muslims.

“I challenge you, see how minorities are treated in Pakistan and look at how minorities are treated in India,” he said.

Talking about the India’s forced demographic changes in the occupied valley, President Alvi said Pakistan will “not accept” them.

“I want to warn the Indian government that the way [Prime Minister Narendra] Modi committed oppression in Gujrat, what he did to Muslims in other regions of India, the way oppression is done by changing the Citizenship Amendment Act, my Kashmiri brother will fight against that, he is fighting and is laying down his life in sacrifice. He will not rest.”

Addressing the people of occupied Kashmir, he said, “My brothers, the tales of violence and oppression, the black history that has been imposed on you […] we Pakistanis will stand with you. We are with you at every forum and fighting your case everywhere. We are with you in your struggle.”

The president blasted the Indian government for having “no shame”, pointing out that cases had been registered against people who celebrated Pakistan’s wins in the T20 World Cup in Srinagar and other cities.

“The hearts [of the Kashmiris] beat with us,” he said. “It is a big thing that even amidst this oppression, they express their love and emotions for Pakistan. And I believe [celebrations after Pakistan’s win over India] were held with more passion in Srinagar than in Islamabad.”

He assured Kashmiris that their freedom was near and called upon the Indian prime minister to put an end to the oppression in Kashmir.

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