WB grants Bangladesh $200M for youth, migrants


The World Bank on Wednesday approved $200 million to help Bangladeshi urban youths and involuntary home returnees improve their earning opportunities and resiliency in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

The financing through the project called “Recovery and Advancement of Informal Sector Employment” will help about 175,000 poor urban youth and low-income micro-entrepreneurs enhance their access to employment and productivity.

It will also help them access services such as life skills training, apprenticeship programs, counseling, microfinance, and self-employment support, according to a World Bank statement.

“To help about 200,000 eligible migrants who had been forced to return since January 2020 either sustainably reintegrate into the domestic labor market or prepare for re-migration, the project will provide cash grants, counseling, and referrals to relevant services based on their needs and aspirations,” it read.—AA

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