Wazir tribel elders show solidarity with Army

Adam Khan Wazir 

In the District of Lower South Waziristan Wana, to express solidarity with the Pakistan Army, the tribal elders took out a big rally that was attended by people of different schools of thought. The participants had placards and banners in their hands on which slogans in favor of Pak Army were written.

Tribal elders Malik Bismillah Khan, Malik Jameel, Malik Azizullah, Malik Abidullah and Maulana Badshah Khan Wazir who participated in the rally raised slogans in favor of Pakistan Army and expressed solidarity with them. The rally participants appreciated the sacrifices of the Pakistan Army for the country and the nation and said that they will not compromise on the immense sacrifices of the Pakistan Army.

The rally participants said that the people and the Pak Army are on the same page for the sake of the country and the region. On May 9, the miscreants/ followers of a political party attacked military installations.