Water tanker allegedly kills two children


At least two preadolescent lives were lost on Tuesday in a heart-curdling accident to take place in the Korangi District of the port city where a water tanker allegedly ran over a pillion riding bike.

According to the details shared by rescue officials and the father of another minor injured in the accident, the accident took place near Landhi where a minor boy borrowed a bike of his neighbor and went to buy biryani from a local shop for which the neighbor’s kids accompanied him as well.

The father of one injured 17-year-old Asad, the residents of Mansehra Colony, said he went to buy biryani after collecting Rs100 from his mother and as he took the bike of a neighbor, his kids came along too.

The accident immediately killed the two neighbor children, 10- and 12-year-old, said Asad’s father, noting that allegedly a water tanker crushed the three minors,  two of whom fatally.

Father, daughter killed in Karachi water tanker-motorcycle collision While it awaits further inquiry, the incident is not one of a kind as recent history is fraught with similar events with water tankers routinely speeding and killing, or wounding, innocent people on the roads going about their business.

One such incident happened earlier this week as in a tragic unfolding, two people were killed after a water tanker ran over a motorcycle in Karachi’s Nazimabad area on Sunday evening.

According to police, the accident occurred at Nazimabad No 7 near the matric board office when a water tanker ran over a motorcycle, killing father and daughter on the spot. The minor boy also injured in the accident.