Watch: Man runs over bike rider on Lahore’s Canal Road


LAHORE – Police have arrested a man who rammed his vehicle into a motorcyclist and later dragged the victim along Lahore’s Canal Road for some distance, leaving him badly injured.

A couple of videos of the incident are circulating on social media with people lashing out at the rich man, who was reportedly under the influence of wine when he hit the bike rider.

One of the videos shows the motorcyclist got struck under the rear wheels of the Range Rover, normally owns by people from rich families, and passersby are ejecting the accident victim.

The suspect, video shows, managed to escape the scene with motorcycle stuck under the car. After some distance, the vehicle caught fire near Barkat Marker area in Lahore.

Another video shows, the fire was put out by Rescue 1122 official. Dolphin police after arresting the suspect handed him over to Garden Town police for further legal action.

The accident victim has reportedly suffered broken legs and has been shifted to a hospital for treatment.