WASA imposes emergency to clean nullahs



Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) has imposed an emergency to clean all big and small nullahs in the city on a priority basis to avoid flood-like situations during monsoon. The agency has canceled the holidays of the staff and they have been directed to work round the clock to clean all nullahs before the onset of the rainy season. Managing Director (MD), WASA Rawalpindi, Muhammad Tanveer visited different city areas and reviewed the ongoing cleanliness work of small and big nullahs.

The MD visited different areas of Dhoke Dalal, Safdarabad, Dhoke Matkal, Khyban-e-Sir Syed, and Akalgarh and reviewed the progress of the cleanliness work.

He also interacted with local public representatives and the citizens while discussing the cleanliness work of the nullahs started to avoid urban flooding, particularly in low-lying areas. He informed that before the start of the next rain spell, the vulnerable points of the nullahs would be cleared.

The MD said that all-out efforts were being made to finalize all the arrangements before the next spell of rains which are expected to start from Saturday.

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