Warm clothes sale attracts crowd in Lunda Bazaars


Staff Reporter

After the weather turned a bit chilly in twin cities, the sale of winter clothes has started, especially in Lunda Bazaars as the shopkeepers have displayed warm clothes to attract the visitors.
People are seen busy in buying winter clothes along Railway Road, Raja Bazaar,Moti Bazaar, Jamia Masjd Road, Fowara Chowk, Chungi No. 22, Tench Bhata and Chur Chowk.
The Lunda Bazaars offer curtains, quilts, blankets, rugs, trousers, shirts, woollies, children s wear and jackets. Inflation and poverty are forcing people to do their winter shopping from the bazaars of second hand imported warm clothes. Salaried people says that their purchasing power is decreasing, adding that the clothes that they bought last year for the winter from main shops are no more affordable this year.
Many poor customers thought a considerable increase in prices at the Lunda Bazaars. The prices of clothes are higher as compared to the last year, said Tahir Chaudhry, a shopper at Jamia Masjid road. The warm clothes are beyond the approach of poor people, Landa
Bazaar provides cheap and second-hand imported garments that is why I came here for shopping, another visitor of Raja Bazaar Malik Shaukat said.
A household woman Nazia was happy with her shopping at the Lunda Bazaar, as she got stylish and quality woolen sweaters and jackets for her four children at reasonable prices. She said that the Lunda Bazaar is a blessing for the people like them because she can not afford costly clothes.
A vendor at Fowara chowk Asif said that a large number of people visit markets of used warm clothes because of used clothes are cheaper in rates. Meanwhile, Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) forecast rain/wind-thunderstorms for various parts in Islamabad.

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